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Vacuum Coater IR Primer

The ideal primer for vacuum coaters or infra-red drying systems, PPG MACHINEPRO® VC Primer is formulated specifically with increased rheology that allows machine coaters to achieve excellent application characteristics. This acrylic primer will produce strong adhesion and fast block resistance when applied over wood, wood composite or MDF and MDO substrates.

Excellent Application Properties

MachinePro VC Primer displays excellent application properties through vacuum coaters and IR drying systems.

Strong Adhesion

MachinePro VC provides strong protection over a variety of wood substrates while creating durable, intercoat adhesion.

Water-Based Performance

  • Acrylic latex formula eliminates the need for solvent reducers and cleaners
  • Low VOC ( < 100 g/l)

Product Data

Gloss at 60º Flat
Volume Solids 41%
Weight Solids 57%
Coverage (per US gallon) 300 sq. ft.
Wet Film Thickness 5.0 - 6.0 mils (per coat)
Dry Film Thickness 2.0 - 2.5 mils (per coat)
VOC 58 g/L
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