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Lumber Retailers

Confidently sell and distribute PPG branded materials knowing that all sides, cuts and edges have been applied by leading PPG coatings protection. Your customers will recognize that selling PPG primed or finished lumber and building materials demonstrates a commitment to a high level of quality, backed by the leader in coatings technology.

Global Leader in Coatings Protection


Your customers will recognize the PPG brand as
leaders not just in popular consumer brands, but in automotive, industrial and marine coatings. Learn more about our history in machine applied coatings.

Warranty Protected

For qualified applicators, we offer extended warranties
on select product lines to protect builders, retailers
and home owners.

Coatings Versatility

We offer interior and exterior coatings protection over a
wide variety of substrates including wood, fiber cement
and composite materials.

Increased Profits

PPG’s wide product portfolio creates options for factory coaters and retailers who need to be competitively priced
to grow more business. View our entire product portfolio.


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