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Home Builders

The quality of a craftsmen is judged by the tools and materials they use

At PPG, we work closely with our network of factory finishers to develop some of the strictest quality standards for coating prefinished moldings, siding and trim boards. Building with PPG coated materials will reassure your customers that their homes will create enduring beauty and stunning appeal—not just on the day they buy—but throughout the life of their homes.  

Consistent Performance

Factory applied coatings by PPG create reliable performance through increased film builds, uniform coverage and consistently more powerful protection than many field applied coatings. See how the machine applied coatings process can improve performance over field applied applications.

Warranty Protected

For qualified applicators, we offer extended limited warranties on select product lines to protect builders, retailers and home owners.

Production Efficiencies

Eliminating the painting process after installation
quickens your production speeds and eliminates
challenges caused by weather--helping you to finish
your projects on time.

Local Service and Support

Through PPG Architectural Coatings, we utilize a complete network of professional service centers to connect your business and your customers with design specialists, color specialists, products and paint resources. Click here to see where the closest service center is to your business.

 Connect with one of our machine applied coatings experts to learn how we can help your business grow: 1.877.622.4277