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MachineCoat Plus

For over nine decades, PPG has delivered innovative machine applied coatings for wood substrates that deliver consistent quality performance. Our latest technology, MACHINECOAT® PLUS combines advanced color integrity with excellent adhesion to ensure home owners and builders experience lasting beauty in challenging environments.

Excellent Exterior Durability

  • Engineered with advanced resin systems that resist color fading and chalking
  • Strong adhesion and mar resistance reduces the need for touch-up
  • Excellent thin film flexibility to protect against impacts

Consistent Quality Protection

  • Machine application formula for better overall uniformity versus field application
  • High-build formula increases coverage and color consistency

Water-Based Performance

  • 100% acrylic latex formula eliminates the need for harsh solvents
  • Low VOC (< 100 g/l)

MachineCoat Plus Semi-Transparent

This semi-transparent finish delivers the beauty of a stain while producing the protection and strength of a solid color finish over wood substrates.

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MachineCoat Plus IM

Our synchronized color matching computer system to improve color accuracy, reduce waste and lower operating costs for machine applicators.

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