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MachineCoat Plus

MachineCoat Plus Intermix

By using the MACHINECOAT® Plus IM 10-base intermix system, machine applicators can achieve computerized color accuracy and consistency while creating over 1,250 colors from the PPG Voice of Color® collection. Whether you're coating pine, spruce, hemlock, aspen, or other white woods--MachineCoat Plus IM creates excellent coverage in light, bright and dark colors.

The PPG Benefit

  • Excellent exterior durability
  • High build formula for increased protection
  • Automotive grade pigments for enhanced color retention
  • Self priming
  • Strong adhesion to wood substrates
  • 100% acrylic latex
  • Low VOC (<100 g/l)

Automated Computer Dispensing

  • Synchronized color matching computer system increases consistency
  • Dispenses exact job quantities for reduced waste
  • Lowers inventory and operating costs
  • Eliminates traditional tinting while improving color quantity

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