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SealGrip MC Primer

With over 90 years experience in machine applied coatings, our leading research and development team proudly introduces your replacement to oil-based primers--PPG SEAL GRIP MC®. This outstanding stain-blocking primer has revolutionized the market by sealing and blocking tannin staining through a water-based formula.

Stain Blocking

Seal Grip MC provides outstanding stain protection that seals and blocks the substrate. The stain blocking properties enhance color performance and ensure a consistent, quality finish.


Seal Grip MC delivers strong acrylic protection without yellowing. The acrylic formula provides excellent exterior durability that helps retain color performance unlike the leading alkyd stain blocking primers.

Excellent Adhesion

Seal Grip MC creates excellent adhesion for a tough, durable finish.

Water-Based Performance

  • Acrylic latex formula eliminates the need for solvent reducers and cleaners
  • Low VOC ( <100 g/l)

Product Data


Gloss at 60º Flat
Volume Solids 39%
Weight Solids 53%
Coverage (per US gallon) 300 sq. ft.
Wet Film Thickness 5.0 - 5.5 mils (per coat)
Dry Film Thickness 1.9 - 2.1 mils (per coat)
VOC 84 g/L
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