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MachinePro Primer

PPG MACHINEPRO® Primer is engineered to deliver strong adhesion and protection for machine applicators who need long lasting performance over a variety of wood and wood composite substrates. MachinePro Primer is formulated with acrylic latex resin so no solvent reducers or cleaners are required.

Good Adhesion

PPG MachinePro Primer provides strong protection over a variety of wood substrates while creating durable, intercoat adhesion.

Good Block Resistance

The fast drying formula allows machine applicators to pack and stack material quickly, improving shop throughput and production speeds. 

Product Data

Gloss at 60º Flat
Volume Solids 57%
Weight Solids 75%
(per US gallon)
300 sq. ft.
Wet Film Thickness
(per coat)
 3.5 - 4.5 mils
Dry Film Thickness
(per coat)
 2.0 - 2.5 mils
VOC < 330 g/l
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