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Our portfolio of machine applied primers creates versatility for applicators who need quality adhesion and durable performance over a broad range of wood and wood composite substrates. From interior molding and millwork to exterior cedar shingles and shakes—our innovative primer technologies establish the leading-edge in substrate protection.  

Personalized Solutions

We'll combine our industry leading technical teams with dedicated field specialists who will work alongside your operation to make sure you have the tools, training and quality standards in place to meet strict performance specifications. Based on your unique requirements, we can provide solutions that deliver:

  • Stain blocking primers that help create true color performance
  • Innovative acrylic technology that eliminates the need for solvent reducers and cleaners
  • Strong adhesion to defend against impacts and abrasions
  • High film build formulas that lead to increased substrate protection
  • Applied cost efficiencies achieved through product performance, application training and line system audits

Featured Products

Exterior Alkyd Lo-Sheen Primer

This alkyd primer has been designed to resist tannin staining on extractive wood species.

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An exterior latex coating--MachinePro Primer creates fast block times that allow applicators to stack and pack quickly when coating wood substrates.

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MachinePro MP Millwork Primer

This acrylic primer has been specifically formulated for machine applicators seeking a smooth, durable finish for interior millwork substrates.

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MACHINEPURE® Exterior Primer  

MachinePure Primer creates excellent hiding, block resistance and adhesion from an innovative 100% acrylic formulation.

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Seal Grip MC has the stain-blocking performance of oil-based primers, but is uniquely engineered with an innovative acrylic latex formula that eliminates the need for harsh solvents.

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MachinePro VC Primer

MachinePro VC Primer displays increased rheology that creates excellent application properties for vacuum coaters and infra-red drying systems.

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