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From understanding color integrity and performance to protecting against harsh external challenges—machine applied finishes by PPG create the beauty and durability homeowners expect from the world leader in coatings technology. Our advanced resin systems allow machine applicators to create a consistent quality finish with excellent adhesion, flexibility and protection on a variety of wood, fiber cement and composite substrates.

Personalized Solutions

Partnering with PPG opens your company up to over 90 years of machine applied coatings research and development. We then combine our industry leading technical team with dedicated field specialists who will work alongside your operation to make sure you have the tools, training and quality standards in place to meet your performance specifications. Based on your unique requirements, we can provide solutions that deliver:

  • Resilient color integrity and defense against UV-degradation
  • Excellent exterior performance to battle weather-related exposure
  • High film build formulas lead to increased substrate protection
  • A wide-range of custom color matching in semi-transparent and solid color finishes
  • Applied cost efficiencies achieved through product performance, application training and line system audits

Featured Products


AQUACRON™ 200 Series Waterborne Acrylic Urethane

Delivering robust protection over wood, fiberglass, plastics, vinyl, and composites, Aquacron 200 Series enamels create long-lasting substrate protection over difficult-to-adhere-to substrates.

DURACOLOR Exterior Finish

Duracolor Exterior Finish is engineered to deliver strong adhesion and protection over fiber cement and composite substrates.

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MACHINECOATExterior Finish

The time proven leader in machine applied finishes, MachineCoat creates enduring protection over a wide arrange of wood substrates.

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MachineCoat Plus Exterior Finish

Advanced protection in semi-transparent and solid color finishes for a wide range of wood substrates, MachineCoat Plus ensures home owners and builders experience lasting beauty and color integrity.

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