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Home Owners

The home you’ve always wanted, protected by the global leader in coatings technology.

 A home protected by PPG is a home protected by the global leader in color, innovation and coatings performance. Our innovative technologies create unique finishes over a wide variety of building materials that aim to not only protect your home from intense weather degradation, but deliver brilliant color performance that resists fading and chalking. 

Leading Color Experts

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Learn more about the advantage of factory finishing

PPG’s position as a color leader across multiple markets allows it to observe and translate emerging global color trends for residential, commercial and industrial design. Learn more how PPG identifies color trends.

Consistent Performance

Factory applied coatings by PPG eliminate many of the in-field application challenges by ensuring uniform protection and film thicknesses on every inch, edge and groove. See how the machine applied coatings process can improve performance over field applied applications.

Warranty Protected

For qualified applicators, we offer limited warranties on select product lines to ensure extended beauty and performance for home owners seeking long-term durability.

Local Service and Support

If you need design, color and product recommendations, our local professional service center will guide you through your project so your home stays beautify for decades. Click here to see the closest service center to your home.