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Our Approach

Advanced color solutions through an industry-leading, holistic approach

Through design and engineering, to culminating with the customer experience—our approach includes the development, implementation and training of advanced color solutions. Our color philosophy revolves around our customers to ensure we not only create the latest color trends, but manufacture with the strongest materials that hold color integrity and durability.

Identifying Trends

Collaborating across six PPG business units, our global color experts research cultural, social and lifestyle trends that impact color across a broad spectrum of industries. Because PPG’s expertise extends across automotive, industrial and consumer markets, we’re able to collaborate across a global scale to capture the true trends in color design. See how we identify and forecast future trends in color.

Manufacturing Excellence

Our color recommendations are only as strong as the products we produce. We constantly evaluate the strength of our colorants and resins so we manufacture products able to withstand the most extreme conditions from UV-degradation and weather-related exposure. Learn more about how PPG's manufacturing excellence has led to color success around the globe.

Marketing Support

Our unmatched breadth of markets greatly enhances our understanding of customer behaviors and expectations. We can provide our customers with the tools and resources to effectively communicate how PPG's color approach adds value to the functionality, experience and color quality needed to match their needs.

Application Assistance

Even film builds and consistent application rates can impact color uniformity and durability. Our field technicians work alongside machine applicators to dial in the appropriate application methods to help ensure production is on spec with each substrate coated. Learn more about how our team impacts our color quality during the application process.


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