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Our Advantage

For homeowners, builders, architects and lumber retailers—machine applied coatings by PPG create significant advantages over coatings applied in the field. Our team works alongside machine applicators to generate consistent film builds, color performance and long-term durability to ensure each project receives beautiful and long-lasting protection.  

Complete Protection

Field coating methods rely on the applicator to ensure complete protection, while machine coaters have the ability to coat every edge, angle and groove to ensure thorough performance for every piece coated.

Consistent Performance

Machine applicators can ensure uniform film builds and color consistency for improved performance and long-term durability over many field applied coatings. The machine application allows finishers to dial in to exact specifications by using controlled conditions that eliminate many field applied errors.

Excellent Hiding

PPG Machine Applied Coatings are formulated with advanced resin technologies that produce excellent hiding abilities so you can use less paint while creating beautiful color.

High Film Builds

Our machine applied formulas are designed to produce increased film builds to allow applicators the ability to create increased protection and color accuracy.

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