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About Us

Our History

Over 90 years of leading innovation in factory applied coatings

Since our rich history that began over 90 years ago, we've constantly been on the leading edge of coatings protection through innovative products and application solutions for machine coaters. Our story began in 1925 as the CREO-DIPT Stained Shingles Company, and today, we leverage the power of PPG to connect machine applicators with world-class products, global distribution and local technical support.


Our tradition began as Creo-Dipt, a manufacturer of solid color oil stain for pre-stained shakes and shingles.     


Creo-Dipt becomes OLYMPIC® Stain Products. INNOVATION: a fully connected network of distributors is established throughout the United States and Canada. 



The Olympic Torchbrush logo is introduced. INNOVATION: new products included MACHINECOAT®, Stormguard, Super Premium, WATERGUARD® Wood, Waterguard-Multi and Procoat Professional Stains. 


PPG acquires Olympic Stain Products


Olympic Machine Applied Coatings introduced


The PPG Machine Applied Coatings brand is born. INNOVATION: DURACOLOR, MachineCoat Plus and the next generation of machine applied coatings